Garage Door Spring Replacement – We all hate waking up in the morning just to find our garage door is stuck and that there’s no way for us to get it open. The life expectancy for a spring is usually around 10-15 years, all depending on how much you use your garage door. The most important part on your garage door is the spring because it is responsible for supporting the weight of the garage door to make it possible for the garage door opener to pull it up. Garage doors weigh anywhere from 100lbs to 400lbs and it can be very dangerous to try and replace the springs on your own. Without the proper tools and knowledge you can hurt yourself and cause more damage to the door. Many accidents and injuries have happened due to people trying to replace the spring on their own. Let Cedar Rapids Garage Door Repair take care of the headache for you.

Cedar Rapids Garage Door Repair technicians are experienced professionals that would be more than happy to come to your home and replace the spring for you. Our goal is to get your garage door working perfectly the first time we come to save you money and time. Our technicians will arrive to your home with a fully stocked truck with all kinds of different springs to ensure the right one is being put on.

Whether you have a torsion or extension spring system Cedar Rapids Garage Door Repair has got you covered. Not only can we replace the broken spring that you have but we can also convert your extension spring system to a torsion spring. This is recommended for the reason that extension springs can be very dangerous. Since they work independently of each other this causes uneven wear and tear. Extension springs extend and contract and have a tendency to fly off and hurt yourself or damage something in your garage.

Springs breaking happen all the time and our technicians are experts when it comes to replacing a broken spring. We can ensure that it will get done quickly and professionally the first time around.

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